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Webinar: Protecting DAS & Small Cell Networks.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Online Go-To Meeting


10:00 AM (PST)

Hosted by

Dale Rebeck

Dan Rebeck
Product Line Manager
AC/DC/Data Surge & EMP

Robert Cid

Robert Cid
Product Line Manager
RF Surge & Cabinets

Rhys Fernandez

Rhys Fernandez
Director of Training

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Protecting DAS and Small Cell Networks

The DAS and Small Cell Networks market is predicted to rapidly increase by as much as 550% over the next few years as cities and urban areas strive to densify 4G networks and provide the bedrock for 5G networks. This webcast provides insights into challenges DAS & Small Cell providers face in deploying these networks, as well as how technology is changing to accommodate the need for smaller and more powerful equipment. You’ll learn about how to protect these critical communication networks and discover new technologies designed specifically to keep DAS & Small Cell networks online.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Answering Protection Needs for Small Cell & DAS Networks
  • Filtering Lightning Energy
  • Why 4.3-10 Connectors?
  • New PolyPhaser 4.3-10 Arrestors
  • Introduce Small Cell Cabinets
  • PoE and its importance for Small Cell & DAS Networks
  • Transtector PoE surge protection
  • Transtector AC surge protection
  • DAS & Small Cell surge protection solutions