Product image of Westell NPTPA1105 TPA/GMT Dual Buss 20A Combo 400A (200A per Buss) Fuse pnl

Westell | NPTPA1105 TPA/GMT Dual Buss 20A Combo 400A (200A per Buss) Fuse pnl

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The Westell NPTPA1105 Fuse Panel provides fused distribution of DC power to equipment. The panel has 2 buses, each bus consisting of 6 GMT style fuse positions and 4 TPA style fuse positions. Alarm circuits are provided to indicate and extend alarm conditions when faults occur.

Wiring for the panel is connected to easy access terminal blocks on the back of the panel. Alarms are connected via wire-wrap connectors on the back of the panel.

The power is distributed to the load side equipment through GMT and TPA style fuses. There are 6 GMT style fuses per bus and 4 TPA style fuses per bus. The GMT fuses are 20 Amps max. each, or 50 Amps max. per GMT group for each bus. The TPA fuses are 50 Amps max. each, with a maximum rating of 150 Amps of TPA fuses per bus. Therefore the total Amps per input, including TPA and GMT fuses, is 160 Amps. A designation card is provided for keeping records of which position is connected to which equipment and what amperage of fuse is to be used.

Input160 Amps Max
Dimensions1 3/4"H x 17"W x 10 1/2"D
Operating Temp-40 to +55C(TMA) -40 to +131F
Voltage+/-24 or +/- 48Vdc
GMT Fuse Size0.18 to 20 Amps max
TPA Fuse Size3 to 50 Amps Max
GMT Bus50 Amps max
TPA Bus120 Amps Max
Bus4 TPA & 6 GMT
Panel2 Busses per Panel
Rack Mounting19" and 23" Racks 1" and 1.75" spacing
Short Circuit Withstand Rating450A (Max)
Weight10 lbs