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5/5 GMT Front Access Fuse Panel

Item #WSTN250110-N-0803
Suggested Retail: $354.23
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  • Two isolated groups (busses) of 5 GMT fuses in each (15Amps/GMT position).
  • Polarity insensitive (+/- 24 or +/- 48 Vdc) battery voltage (other voltages, see Ordering Options).
  • This panel can provide 100 Amps of fusing per panel (50 Amps of fusing per Bus).
  • This panel can operate at 66 Amps of output current per panel (33 Amps per Bus).
  • Barrier terminal strips for fused outputs and isolated returns (grounds).
  • Three sets of Form C relay contacts are provided to extend alarms.

The Westell N250110-N/0803 Fuse Panel provides up to 10 circuits for the distribution of DC power to equipment. Each of the 10 circuits is individually protected by a GMT style telecommunication fuse located on the panel's faceplate. Alarm circuits are provided to indicate and extend alarm conditions when faults occur. Normal Operation LEDs are provided to indicate the status of each bus in the panel.

Input wiring is connected to a high current, 2-hole lug input block located on the front of the panel. Each group of fuses or bus has its own completely isolated inputs, allowing the distribution of two battery voltages through the same panel.

The power is distributed to the load side equipment through GMT style fuses. There are 5 fuses per fuse group and two groups per panel. Each fuse position is available for installer connection on the front of the panel. A designation card is provided for keeping records of which position is connected to which equipment and what amperage is to be used. The panel is equipped with dummy fuses in all unused positions.

Alarm circuits are provided to alert service personnel of fault conditions. A fuse alarm is caused when any of the GMT distribution fuses opens. A red fuse alarm LED on the faceplate will illuminate and the Normal Operation LED will extinguish to signal a fuse alarm and also the appropriate MAJOR relay contacts will change states. The fuse panel has common (C), normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) terminals for both Major and Minor alarms. A Major alarm being a fuse or power failure in that bus and a Minor alarm being an external alarm. The external alarm is ground activated (20mA required to activate alarm). Note, the use of the alarm contacts is optional, if you do not wish to extend the alarms, you don't have to do anything with the alarm pins.

The "Normal" condition of the relay exists when the panel is powered up without any blown fuses or externally activated alarms. The red External Alarm LED on the units face plate will light when a ground is connected to the MINOR "Alarm In" terminal (20mA max signal required to activate alarm).

The N250110-N/0803 fuse panel is made from 0.050" steel and painted off white. This panel is shipped with universal brackets that will fit both 19" and 23" wide racks and uses only one 1.75" panel spaces. The panel has two clear L shaped shields to protect the wiring connections on the front of the panel.

Height1 RU
Voltage24 or 48 Vdc
Mounting Type19"/23" Racks
Number of Bus2
Amps per Bus50
Max Fuse Size15
Positions per Bus5
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