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Packing Material, 1 lb Pkg Butyl Rubber Duct Seal Putty

Item #WLD38-4129-00
Suggested Retail: $10.44
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  • Used for sealing Entry Panels.
  • Excellent Adhesion.
  • Unlimited Shelf Life.
  • Packaging material is used to prevent weld metal from leaking out of mold.
  • Prolongs mold use. Use on outside of mold only.
  • Weight: 1 or 5 lbs.
Packing Material is used to prevent the molten weld metal from leaking out of the mold. When cable opening becomes worn from heavy use, the packing material may be used to prolong mold use. It is also used around 7 strand cable to prevent leaking. Packing material comes in a 1 lb or a 5 lb package.
Weight1 lbs
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