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2MHz to 4GHz Cable and Antenna Analyzer w/ Power Meter

Item #WILS331L
Suggested Retail: $6,750.00
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  • 2 MHz to 4 GHz Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer, impact, dust, and splash resistant
  • More than 8 hours of continuous battery operation
  • Standard built-in InstaCalT module and Power Meter
  • FlexCal™ maintains calibration with frequency changes
  • Familiar S331D-like Classic Mode and S331E-like Advanced Mode
  • Built-in one button Help function
  • Specifications
    The S331L is the highest value in a rugged, handheld cable and antenna analyzer. The S331L replaces the current value line S331D which is part of the longest running portable cable and antenna analyzer family in history. Utilizing the latest advancements in technology, the S331L has been optimized for field conditions, is easy to use, and has efficient sweep management capabilities. The S331L delivers an entire workday of battery operating time, the most ever offered in a handheld cable and antenna analyzer. With its large outdoor viewable 7" TFT touch screen display, new intuitive GUI, and classic mode that mimic the S331D basic measurement flow, the S331L is very easy to use, and can significantly increase a user's efficiency in the field.

    Anritsu Site Master™ Line Sweep Certification Training

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    Interference Immunity
    On-Channel+17 dBm outside calibrated sweep range
    On-Frequency+13 dBm within calibrated sweep range
    Return Loss
    Measurement Range0 dB to 60 dB
    Resolution0.01 dB
    Measurement Range1:1 to 65:1
    Vertical Range Return Loss0 dB to 60 dB
    Vertical Range VSWR1:1 to 65:1
    1-Port Phase
    Measurement Range-180° to +180°
    Test Equipment
    Freq (MHz)2MHz-4GHz
    Warranty1 Year
    Range2 MHz to 4 GHz
    Accuracy+/- 5ppm @ 23° C +/- 3° C
    Resolution1 kHz (RF immunity low), 100 kHz (RF immunity high)
    Output Power
    High0 dBm, typical
    Low-30 dBm, typical
    Cable Loss
    Measurement Range0 dB to 30 dB
    Resolution0.01 dB
    Output Power-3 dBm, typical
    Return Loss
    Measurement Range Resolution0 to 60 dB
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