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Product image of Times Microwave TFT402NFNM2.0F

Times Microwave


2 ft Jumper TFT402, .141 N-Male to N-Female

Suggested Retail: $48.60
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Flexible Alternative to Solder Braid and RG Coax for Military and Commercial Applications including, Low Loss Microwave and Wireless Base Station Interconnection.
TFT cables are CMP (plenum) rated and provide better than -160 dBc PIM performance when properly terminated, making them ideal for interconnects in cellular base stations and DAS coverage systems.
Length2 ft
Operating Temperature Range-55 to +150° C
Electrical Specifications
Impedance50 ohms
Connectors TypeN-Male | N-Female
Shielding Effectiveness-80 dB
Capacitance26.7 pf/ft
Bend Radius0.750 in
Velocity of Propagation76%