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Times Microwave


.104" OD 18 GHz Low Loss Telfon Diel 50 Ohm Coax Cable

Item #TIMT-FLEX405
Suggested Retail: $5.83
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Coaxial Cable
Jacket MaterialBlue FEP
Ship Weight (lbs.)0.015
Attenuation (dB)
100 FT/30 MHz3.486
100 FT/150 MHz7.895
100 FT/450 MHz13.9
100 FT/824 MHz19.1
100 FT/960 MHz20.7
100 FT/1500 MHz26.2
100 FT/2000 MHz30.1
100 FT/2300 MHz32.9
100 FT/5800 MHz54.9
General Characteristics
Max. Frequency18 GHz
Propagation Velocity69.40%
Overall Diameter(in)0.104
Outer ConductorSC Braid over Silver Plated Copper Tape
Inner ConductorSilver Plated Copper Clad Steel
Min. Bending Radius(in)0.125
Warranty5 Year
Shipping MethodUPS
Coaxial Cable Types
Impedance50 Ohm
Cable TypeFlexible RG405/U Type
INFTT-05X8-BLK 1/2" x 8" Velcro Tie 10/Pkg, Black
Suggested Retail: $14.70
INFTIE12-100 11" Black Cable Tie, Nylon 100/pkg 50lb Tensile Strength
Suggested Retail: $11.72

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