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Product image of Times Microwave SLA06-NMNF-01.50M

Times Microwave


N-Male to N-Female, 1.5 Meter 6 GHz Armored Test Cable

Item #TIMSLA06-NMNF-01.50M
Suggested Retail: $401.46
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SilverLine® Test Cables.
SilverLine® Test Cables are cost effective, durable, highperformance cable assemblies designed for use in a broad range of test and interconnect applications. Fabricated from rugged, solid PTFE dielectric cable with stainless steel connectors and a proven strain relief system, these cables provide long life and excellent stability in applications where they are repeatedly flexed and mated/unmated. SilverLine® test cables are ideal for use in production, field and laboratory test environments. They are also economical enough to be used as interconnects in test systems.
Inner Conductor0.037 in
Dielectric0.116 in
Inner Shield0.126 in
Interlayer0.132 in
Outer Shield0.154 in
Jacket0.195 in
Armor0.450 in
Length1.5 m
Weight0.043 lb/ft
Bend Radius1 in minimum
Temperature Range-55° / +105° C
Electrical Specifications
Impedance50 ohms
Velocity of Propagation70%
Shielding Effectiveness>100 dB
Capacitance29.5 pf/ft
WIL15NNF50-1.5C Test Port Cable Armored, 1.5M N-Male to N-Female, 6 GHz
Suggested Retail: $315.00

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