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Times Microwave


Conn, 7/16 DIN Female Feed Through for Smart Panel Series

Suggested Retail: $45.00
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Lightning and Surge Protection for The 21st Century.
Times Microwave Systems introduces a revolutionary concept in shelter and base station entrance panels. Designed to eliminate traditional entrance panel shortcomings and improve surge protection of expensive base station equipment, the TimesProtect® Smart-Panel r offers major advantages compared to traditional installation methods.
The Times-Protect® Smart-Panel® provides for single point grounding and eliminates costly and time consuming cable ground kits. The external copper master ground bar is also eliminated so there are no copper parts to steal outside the shelter. Inside the shelter the installation is simplified and cost reduced by the elimination of the lightning protector trapeze. Bulkhead mounted lighting protectors eliminate added trapeze ground lead inductance, creating a perfect return path for surge currents during a lightning event.
Connector7/16 DIN Female