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Times Microwave


3/16" 50 Ohm Low Loss Cable with PVC Jacket

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Flexible Low Loss Communications Coax.
Ideal for:
  • Jumper Assemblies in Wireless Communications Systems
  • Short Antenna Feeder runs
  • Any application (e.g. WLL, GPS, LMR, WLAN, WISP, WiMax, SCADA, Mobile Antennas) requiring an easily routed, low loss RF cable
  • Drop-in replacement for RG-58 and RG-142
  • Inner Conductor0.037 in
    Dielectric0.110 in
    Outer Conductor0.116 in
    Overall Braid0.139 in
    Jacket0.195 in
    Mechanical Specifications
    Bend Radius: Installation0.5 in
    Bend Radius: Repeated2 in
    Bending Moment0.2 ft-lb
    Weight0.021 lb/ft
    Tensile Strength40 lb
    Flat Plate Crush15 lb/in
    Electrical Specifications
    Velocity of Propagation80%
    Dielectric Constant1.56
    Time Delay1.27 nS/ft
    Impedance50 ohms
    Capacitance25.4 pF/ft
    Shielding Effectiveness>90 dB
    Voltage Withstand1000 V
    Jacket Spark3000 V
    Peak Power2.5 kW