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138-174 MHz, 7 dB Loss Receiver Crystal Filter
Item #TELTWX-150
Suggested Retail: $1,731.40
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Telewave Crystal Filters provide an extremely narrow bandpass for a single frequency, to protect a receiver from nearby transmitters and adjacent channel interference. This bandpass is much sharper than a typical high "Q" cavity filter. The combination of a crystal filter and a Telewave TLA or TGA series preamplifier can often rescue a receiver that has been impacted by an new adjacent transmitter, or allow implementation of a system with insufficient available frequency spacing.
Frequency Range138-174 MHz
Attenuation @ 30 KHz20 dB
Attenuation @ 50 KHz60 dB
Insertion Loss7 dB
Impedance50 ohms
VSWR1.2:1 max
Input Level0 dBm
Temperature Range-20° C to +70° C
Dimensions1" x 1" x 3.75"
Weight0.5 lbs