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400-512 MHz .5-2 dB 3/4 Wave 8" Single Cavity Bandpass
Item #TELTWPC-4508-1
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Bandpass Cavity Filter.
The Telewave TWPC-4508 is an 8" diameter high Q, bandpass cavity filter with superior selectivity. It is ideal for rejecting all frequencies outside a narrow pass frequency. It can be installed between transmitter and antenna to reduce transmitter side-band noise and intermodulation interference, or between receiver and antenna to protect against desensitization. The TWPC-4508 is used extensively in Telwave expendable low loss combiners.
Frequency Range406-512 MHz
Insertion Loss0.5 to 3.0 dB
Temperature Range-30° C to +70° C
Dimensions8" x 17"
Connector TerminationsType N or UHF Female
FinishAcrylic enamel
Weight7 lbs