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148-174 MHz .5-2 dB 1/4 Wave 8" Single Cavity Bandpass

Item #TELTWPC-1508-1
Suggested Retail: $544.50
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Bandpass Cavities.
The Telewave TWPC-1508-1 and 1508-2 are 8" diameter, -wavelength, high "Q" bandpass cavit y filters with superior selectivity. Bandpass cavities reject all frequencies outside a narrow pass band. These cavities reduce transmitter sideband noise, and also protect receivers against desensitization.
Frequency Range148-174 MHz
Insertion Loss0.5 to 2.0 dB
Cavity Dimensions8" x 23.5"
Maximum Dimensions with Tuners Extended8" x 28"
Weight11 lbs
Nominal Impedance50 ohms
Temperature Range-30° C to +70° C
Cavity Electrical Length1/4"
Outer Conductor, End Plates6061-T6 Aluminum
Inner Conductor, Coupling LoopsSilver plated copper
Tuning RodInvar
Contactors, FingerstockBeryllium Copper
ConnectorsN or UHF Female
FinishGray acrylic enamel
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