Product image of Telewave TWL-50-NM 50 Watt Coaxial RF Termination Quick Change N-Male Conn

Telewave | TWL-50-NM 50 Watt Coaxial RF Termination Quick Change N-Male Conn

Item #TELTWL-50-NM
Suggested Retail: $371.76
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Coax RF terminator
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Telewave TWL-50 Coaxial Loads features extremely low VSWR and excellent stability. Applications include hybrids, isolators, power monitors, wattmeters, and coax line terminations. Telewave loads are custom machined to withstand bench or field use. The conservative power rating provides substantial overload protection. Unlike liquid dielectric loads, Telewave dry coaxial terminations can be operated in any position.

All connectors have gold-plated center pins for maximum conductivity. Quick-Change connectors are standard on these loads, allowing easy configuration for any application.
General Specifications
Frequency range0-2500 MHz
Nominal Impedance50Ω
Model Specifications
Maximum CW avg power50 watts
Dimensions (H x dia.) in. 6 x 1.75
ConnectorsQuick-Change N Female (std.) UHF, TNC, BNC, 7-16 DIN (opt.)
Max VSWR1.1:1
Shipping weight1 lb
Temperature rating95°C max ambient _ 50% of rated power
50% overload rating2 minutes
Weight1.05 lbs
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