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440-470/896-932 MHz, 400 Watts Crossband Coupler

Item #TELTS-4690
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400 Watts Crossband Coupler
Telewave Crossband Couplers allow transmitters,receivers, and antennas in the 450 and 800 MHz bands to share a common feedline. A single coupler can be used to couple two radios to a multiband antenna, or a multiband radio to two antennas. Two couplers are used with two radios and two antennas.The ability to share a feedline between systems on different bands simplifies installation, while reducing cost and tower loading. No tuning is required for fullband coverage, and each unit is completely weather sealed for zero maintenance and long service.
X-Band Coupler
Low Input440-470 MHz
High Input896-932 MHz
Insertion Loss0.2 dB max
Input Power400 watts per port
ConnectorsN-Female, all ports
General Specifications
Impedance50 Ω
Tempreture Range30°C to +60°C
Dimensions (HWK) in.1x1.5x6.5
Weight1 lb