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Product image of Telewave TPCD-4546 450-470 MHz 6-Cavity Bandpass Base Duplexer, 250W, 3 MHz BW

Telewave | TPCD-4546 450-470 MHz 6-Cavity Bandpass Base Duplexer, 250W, 3 MHz BW

Item #TELTPCD-4546
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6-Cavity Bandpass Base Duplexer, 450-470 MHz
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The Telewave TPCD-4546 duplexers allow simultaneous operation of a transmitter and receiver into a common antenna. These bandpass duplexers have low insertion loss, and are ideal in frequency congested areas where protection is needed from surrounding transmitters, and where maximum transmitter sideband filtering is necessary. Because of their superior construction, these Telewave 4" cavity duplexers achieve greater rejection of transmitter noise and spurious radiation, providing excellent receiver protection. The TPCD-4546 has three, 3/4 - wave bandpass cavities in the transmitter and receiver sections.These duplexers are designed for transmitters and receivers with frequency spacing of 5 MHz or more. Selectivity and insertion loss may be adjusted by rotating the calibrated connector loops. Telewave duplexers have 1/4 -inch aluminum top plates which arefully welded to the aluminum outer conductor. Silver-plated tuners, beryllium copper finger stock contactors and threaded Invar rods assure maximum temperature stability, higher "Q", and many years of trouble free operation."
General Specifications
Tuning range400-512 MHz
Number of cavities(6) 4"
Frequency separation (min)5 MHz
Maximum input power350 watts
VSWR (max)1.5:1
Insertion loss TX | RX to ant.1.5 dB
TX noise suppression at RX frequency75 dB
Temperature range-30°C to +70°C
Weight20.48 lbs