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215-240 MHz 5dBd Yagi Antenna 125 MPH, N-Female Conn

Item #TELANT220Y7-WR
Suggested Retail: $508.20
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Yagi Antenna, 5 dBd.
The Telewave ANT220Y7-WR is a high performance directional antenna, designed especially for point to point as well as point/ multipoint applications. This antenna produces 5 dBd forward gain with an excellent front-to-back ratio, and solid aluminum elements with 360 welds prevent intermodulation and provide exceptional strength. The ANT220Y7-WR is an excellent choice for wireless PTC systems in urban or rural areas.
Frequency216-240 MHz
Gain5 dBd
Power Rating500W
Impedance50 ohms
VSWR1.5:1 max
Front to Back Ratio15 dB min
Beamwidth Vertical64°
Beamwidth Horizontal114°
TerminationN Female or 7-16 DIN
Dimensions30" x 30"
Weight13 lbs
Wind Rating150 mph
Lateral Thrust at 100 mph28 lbs
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