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Product image of Telewave 44AP-N 25-1000MHz RF Watt Meter, Sampler Port, 5-500W, N-F

Telewave | 44AP-N 25-1000MHz RF Watt Meter, Sampler Port, 5-500W, N-F

Item #TEL44AP-N
Suggested Retail: $1,237.97
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With Sample Port
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A compact, versatile instrument used for direct measurement of forward and reflected RF power in a coaxial transmission line under any load conditions. Wide band capability and dynamic range allows operation without elements, inserts, or bandswitching.
Impedance50 ohms
VSWR1.1:1 max
Weight3 lbs
Frequency Range25-1000 MHz
Dimensions6.625" x 4" x 3.25"
Power Ranges5, 15, 50, 150 and 500 W
ConnectorsN Female Standard | UHF, DIN, TNC, BNC optional
Sample PortBNC Female
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