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Product image of Sinclair RTC5800RC-2



851-894 MHz 5-Channel TX Combiner,N-Female, .25 MHz Sep

Item #SINRTC5800RC-2
Suggested Retail: $8,100.00
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Combiner, trunking, compact, 5 channels.
These compact transmitter combiners utilize Res-Lok construction and high performance dual isolators in a configuration that assures easy expandability and field tuning utilizing the test ports provided. Developed for operation in the 851-869 trunking frequency band, these highly versatile combiners are available in expandable 5- and 10-channel models, and a fully expanded 20-channel version. Different versions are available which optimize performance at frequency spacings of 1 MHz (RA series), 500 kHz (RB series) and 250 kHz (RC series). Insertion loss varies with frequency spacing; factory settings are specified. In addition, the new `HP' versions can handle up to 200 Watts per channel at the spacings shown below. LC or 7/8-inch EIA connectors are required for 10- and 20-channel HP1 and HP2 antenna outputs. All models are easily mounted in a standard 19-inch rack utilizing only 49 inches of vertical space in the fully expanded 20-channel configuration
Length12.25 in
Width19 in
Weight50 lbs
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range851-869 MHz
Insertion Loss4 dB
Mechanical Specifications
Depth15 in
Number of Channels5
TELM101-860-5TRM 851-869 MHz 5-Channel Low Loss Rack Mnt Transmitter Combiner
Suggested Retail: $16583.70
RFSWIJD862-06S 851-869 MHz 6 Channel Combiner 18 MHz BW,7/16 DIN(Out)N-F(In)
Suggested Retail: $8182.98