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406-512 MHz Q-Circuit Cavity Filter, 7" Can

Item #SINFQ30107-3
Suggested Retail: $495.00
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Cavity filter, Q circuit, high Q, one 7" cavity.
These filters employ the Sinclair-developed Q-circuit design. The operation of the Qcircuit is such that it inverts the characteristics of a standard notch filter, and uses the narrow resonance notch to create the circuit passband while allowing the lower Q elements, such as the loop and its reactance adjustment, to produce the relatively broad isolation notch. In this manner, optimum use of the cavity components is realized, resulting in close pass/reject spacing, low insertion loss, and braod isolation notch. The filters can be tuned for either high or low pass condition, with miniumum frequency separations. The Q-circuit filter combines the features of a bandpass and reject filter. This can be particularly useful when a close frequency might interfere with the desired frequency. For this reason, both the pass and reject frequencies and required insertion loss must be specified when ordering Q-ciruit filters.
Impedance50 ohms
Length16.6 in
Width7 in
Weight6 lbs
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range406-512 MHz
Insertion Loss0.3 dB
Number of Cavities1
Input ConnectorsN-Female
Output ConnectorsN-Female
Mechanical Specifications
Depth7 in
Average Power350W
TELTPRC-4504-1 400-512 MHz 4" Single Cavity Bandpass/Reject, N-Female
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