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Product image of Sinclair FP20107-3



138-174 MHz Bandpass Cavity Filter

Item #SINFP20107-3
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Cavity filter, bandpass, high Q, one 7" cavity.
Sinclair's FP20107-3 series cavity filters are the building blocks of the finest antenna systems. These filters pass a band of frequencies while attenuating frequencies on either side of the desired frequency band. The insertion loss of the passband may be preset at the factory or adjusted in the field. The amount of attenuation (selectivity) can be increased by increasing the insertion loss or using multiple cavities in series. Filter design must recognize the extremely close tolerances required to assure flawless performance over temperature when small variations in electrical wavelength mean significant changes in frequency response curves. Consequently, Sinclair engineers have carefully adapted the FP20107-3 series filter for a variety of applications in the VHF frequency range.
Impedance50 ohms
Length32.5 in
Width7 in
Weight10 lbs
FinishChemical conversion
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range148-174 MHz
Insertion Loss0.5 dB
Number of Cavities1
Input ConnectorsN-Female
Output ConnectorsN-Female
Mechanical Specifications
Depth7 in