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Radio Frequency Systems | HB114-U6S12-800-LI 800' 6x12, 6AWG, 12 Pr SM DLC Conn, Lo-Induct RRH Hybrid Cbl

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6 AWG low-inductance remote radio head hybrid cable
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RFS' HYBRIFLEX Remote Radio Head (RRH) hybrid feeder cabling solution combines optical fiber and DC power for RRHs in a single lightweight aluminum corrugated cable, making it the world's most innovative solution for RRH deployments.

This low-inductance version of HYBRIFLEX allows mobile operators deploying an RRH architecture to deploy >400ft sites without the danger of power-cycling their RRHs due to voltage swings, which could occur in some specific instances. It combines bend-insensitive single-mode fiber (12 pairs of DLC connectors), 6 pairs of low-inductance DC wires and 9 pairs of 18AWG wires used to carry alarm signals. The package also includes a special RFS-designed DC insulating boot, used to properly protect and insulate the DC wires after stripping the jacket, avoiding possible short-circuits while wiring it to the distribution boxes. Standard RFS CELLFLEX® accessories can be used with HYBRIFLEX cable.

  • Patented DC Wire Insulator.
  • Aluminum corrugated armor with outstanding bending characteristics.
  • Same accessories as 1-1/4" coaxial cable.
  • Outer conductor grounding.
  • Lightweight solution and compact design.
  • Robust cabling.
  • Optical fiber and power cables housed in single corrugated cable.
  • Outdoor, flame-retardant jacket.
  • Structure Speciications
    Outer Conductor Armor, Corrugated Aluminum1.42 in.
    Jacket, Flame retardent1.54 in.
    UV-Protection, Individual and External JacketYes
    Mechanical Specifications
    Weight 1.70 lbs|ft.
    Minimum Bending Radius, Single Bending152 in.
    Minimum Bending Radius, Repeated Bending254 in.
    Recommended, Maximum Clamp Spacing 3.25 | 4.0 ft.
    Fiber Optic Specifications
    Quantity, Fiber count24 (12 pairs)
    Core (Clad)9 (125)
    DC Power Cable Specifications
    Size (Power)6 AWG
    Quantity, Wire count (Power)12 (6 concentric wires)
    Alarm18 AWG
    TypePVC | Nylon
    Primary Jacket Diameter0.365 in.
    Length800 ft.
    Weight2000 lbs

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