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Product image of RFS HB114-13U6S12-140F



HYBRIFLEX Assembly, 6-Pairs 6AWG, 12 Pairs Fiber, UL 140ft

Item #RFSHB114-13U6S12-140F
Suggested Retail: $5,875.76
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HYBRIFLEX combines optical fiber and DC power in a single lightweight corrugated cable, which makes it faster, easier and more cost-effective to install than bringing both traditional optical fiber and DC power to the antenna. The new 2x4 cable combines bend-insensitive single-mode fiber (4 pairs of DLC connectors), 2 pairs of low-inductance DC wires, and 5 pairs of 18AWG wires used to carry alarm signals. The package also includes a special RFS-designed DC insulating sleeve, used to properly protect and insulate the DC wires after stripping the jacket, avoiding possible short-circuits while wiring it to the distribution boxes. In addition to a wide variety of specialized tools for HYBRIFLEXT, standard 7/8" CELLFLEX® accessories and tools can be used with HYBRIFLEX cable.
Fiber Count12
Cable Length140 ft
Connector TypeLC | LC
Wire Gauge#6
Connector PolishUPC | UPC
Indoor or OutdoorOutdoor
Number of Conductors6