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Radio Frequency Systems | GKFORM60-214 60" Ground Kit for 2-1/4" Coax Cable

Item #RFSGKFORM60-214

The pre-formed tin-plated copper strap facilitates a properattachment to the coaxial cable, ensuring that the performance of thecoax is not being compromised. This kit has been verified byindependent labs to withstand the damaging effects of lightningcurrent in excess of 100kA 10/350?s The 6-AWG, 13.2mm2 , 7 strandcopper wire provides the most practical and effective low inductancetransfer of lightning induced current from your coax to your systemground. Also included is the required mastic and electrical tape forweatherproofing. Installation of ground kits is recommended as aminimum at the top and bottom of each vertical run, at regularintervalls in long vertical runs and just prior to building entry. Asinternational and national regulations apply for potentialequalization please make sure to comply with them.

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Grounding Kit, Pre-formed Copper Strap, 1.5m (60") for CELLFLEX®and HELIFLEX® Cable.
Cable TypeAir Dielectric, Coaxial Foam Dielectric
Cable Size2-1/4"
Technical Specifications
Type of Grounding KitPre-Formed Copper Strap
Transmission Line TypeLCF214, HCA214
Lug Attachment MethodField Attachable
Lug Style Size2 hole crimp-on, tin-plated
Grounding Wire Length60 in
Grounding Wire Size6 AWG | 7 Strand
Grounding Wire ColorBlack
Grounding Body ColorBlack
Weight Per Piece0.66 lbs
Weight0.32 lbs