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FLEXWELL Premium Elliptical Waveguide, 5.9-7.125 GHz
Item #RFSEP65
Suggested Retail: $23.81
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FLEXWELL® Premium Elliptical Waveguide.
FLEXWELL® elliptical waveguide is constructed of longitudinally continuous seam welded, highly conductive copper tube, corrugated and precision formed into an elliptical cross section. It is manufactured in continuous lengths using a special seam welding process developed by the RFS organization.
Weight0.50 lb/ft
Return Loss30.5 dB
Operating Temperature Range-40° C to +60° C
Dimension2.0 x 1.2 in Over Jacket
Technical Specifications
Typical Operating Band5.9-7.125 GHz
Maximum Twist1.5 degree/ft
Maximum Operating Pressure7 psi
Minimum Bending Radius E Plane8 in
Minimum Bending Radius H Plane20 in