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4.4-5.0 GHz, 2' Dual Polarized Antenna, w/ Fine Adjust

Item #RDWSPD2-4.7NS
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2 ft Standard Performance Parabolic Reflector Antenna.
Radio Waves designs and manufactures Standard Performance (SP), High Performance (HP) and Super High Performance (SHP) series for terrestrial microwave point-to-point applications. These antennas support Telecoms, Enterprise and Industrial applications. They are available as single or dual polarized antennas and support standard frequency bands from 1.3 to 86 GHz. The products include 1 ft. (30 cm), 1.5 ft. (45 cm), 2 ft. (60 cm), 3 ft (90 cm), 4 ft. (120 cm), 6 ft. (180 cm) and 8ft (240 cm) diameter antennas.
Weight22 lbs | 26 lbs with RD radome
Size2 ft
General Specifications
Antenna TypeStandard Performance Parabolic Reflector Antenna
RF ConnectorN-Female
Electrical Specifications
Operating Frequency Band4.4-5 Ghz
Half Power Beamwidth, Horizontal7.1°
Half Power Beamwidth, Vertical7.1°
Cross Polarization Discrimination28 dB
Front to Back Ratio34 dB
Gain, Low Frequency26 dBi
Gain, Mid Frequency26.6 dBi
Return Loss-14 dB
Mechanical Specifications
Fine Azimuth Adjustment+/-10°
Fine Elevation Adjustment+/-30°
Mounting Pipe Diameter, Min2 in
Mounting Pipe Diameter, Max4.5 in
Wind Velocity Operational90 mph
Wind Velocity Survival Rating125 mph
Axial Force222 lbs | 122 lbs with RD radome
Side Force14 lbs | 24 lbs with RD radome
Twisting Moment225 ft-lbs | 194 lbs with RD radome
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +60° C
gain, High Frequency27.1 dBi