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RDL3000 Light Weight Mount Kit 2xJumpers LMR240 16" SS
Item #RDL3K-LW-MNT-SS-02
Redline Communications
Suggested Retail: $155.00
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includes 2x9" RF cbl assembly

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Broadband Radios Product Specs
Frequency Band4.9-5.8 GHz
Transmit Power+25 dBm (region specific)
Receive Sensitivity-98 dBm
Output CapacityUp to 18 Mbps Ethernet 10/100Base T
Channel Bandwidth5, 10, 20 MHz
Modulation TypeBPSK to 64 QAM
Distance Performance75 miles
Power Requirements36-57VDC
Power Consumption35/41 Watts
Size (LxWxH)11.45" x 10.57" x 2.50"
Operating Temperatures-40F to 140F
Warranty1 year
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