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Airmux 5000 HBS 5200 Base Station Radio 2.5GHz-BRS FCC
Item #RDC5000/BS/F25F/100M/EXT
Suggested Retail: $4,200.00
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Broadband Radios Product Specs
Frequency Band3.3-3.8 / 4.8-6.0 GHz
Transmit Power25 dBm
Receive SensitivityN/A
Output Capacity200 Mbps
Channel Bandwidth10, 20 MHz
Modulation Type2x2 MIMO-OFDM
Distance Performance25 miles
Power RequirementsDual DC (-20 to -60 VDC)
Power Consumption20 Watts
Size (LxWxH)14.6" x 14.6" x 4.3"D
Operating TemperaturesIDU: +31F to 140F ODU: 32 to 122F
Warranty1 year