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RF Industries


Technicians Cable Testing Kit with 16 Adapters

Item #R/FRFA4017
Suggested Retail: $477.82
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RF Industries cable testing kit which includes 9 volt battery and 16 adapters.
Kit includes tester, 2 each of the following: BM/BM, BM/UF, BM/NF,BM/NM, BM/SM, BM/SF, BM/TF and BM/MUF adapters in a foam-lined zippered case.
Kit Includes
Adapter Set 12 BM-BM
Adapter Set 22 BM-UF
Adapter Set 32 BM-NF
Adapter Set 42 BM-NM
Adapter Set 52 BM-SM
Adapter Set 62 BM-SF
Adapter Set 72 BM-TF
Adapter Set 82 BM-MUF