Product image of JMA UPL-DM-12 DIN Male for 1/2

JMA | UPL-DM-12 DIN Male for 1/2" Plenum Cable

Item #PPCUPL-DM-12
Suggested Retail: $52.64
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For HL4RP-50A, HL4RPC-50, AL4PRV-50, ICA12-50JPL, HCA12-50JPL, ICA12-50JPLW
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  • Cables Supported - Andrew HL4RP-50A, HL4RPV-50, AL4PRV-50, RFS ICA12-50JPL, HCA12-50JPL, ICA12-50JPLW
  • Weather Protection - WPS-4A | WPS-DF
  • Cable Preparation: SP-12PL
  • Connector Compression: HCG-FRAMESET-1/2 | HCG-CC | Insert A
  • Torque Wrench: TQ-114-F18 | 18 ft-lbs | 24.4 N-m
  • General Specifications
    Operating Temperature-55° C to +85° C
    Electrical Specifications
    Impedance50 ohm Nominal
    Frequency RangeDC to 6 GHz
    3rd Order IMD-153 dBc minimum, -160 dBc typical
    Mechanical Specifications
    Interface Durability500 Cycles
    Pull Force Combined>200 lbs | .89 kN
    Cable - Connector Torque5 ft-lbs | 6.7 N-m
    Electrical Specifications
    Insertion Loss<.1 GHz
    Voltage Withstand>3.0 kV
    Shielding Effectiveness<- 120 dB
    General Specifications
    Interface MoistureNo leakage, mated or unmated > 1.0 Bar
    Corrosion Resistance1000 Hours
    Weight0.32 lbs
    JMA SP-12PL Strip/ Prep Tool for 1/2
    PPCSP-12PL Strip/ Prep Tool for 1/2" FSJ4 SCF12 Plenum Cable
    Suggested Retail: $318.60
    JMA HCG-FRAMESET-1/2 1/2
    PPCHCG-FRAMESET-1/2 1/2" Press Frame with Inserts for HCG-CC
    Suggested Retail: $802.46
    JMA HCG-CC Compression Tool Kit with Battery and Charger
    PPCHCG-CC Compression Tool Kit with Battery and Charger
    Suggested Retail: $3683.72
    JMA HCG-INSERTA-1/2 Replacement for 1/2
    PPCHCG-INSERTA-1/2 Replacement for 1/2" Insert for DIN Connectors
    Suggested Retail: $109.52
    JMA TQ-114-F18 1-1/4
    PPCTQ-114-F18 1-1/4" (Hex Nut Size) Torque Wrench, DIN Connectors, 18 Ft-lbs
    Suggested Retail: $194.16

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