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Laird / Pacific


PoE Power Supply/Inserter Mid- Span Int Detect 48VDC 16.8W

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Power-Over-Ethernet Midspan.
The POE-48iD is an advanced 802.3af compliant device with Midspan Intelligent Detection. The device does not turn on power until it detects a valid Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) signature from the devices attached downstream on the Ethernet cable. This protects against damage to non-compliant equipment which may be connected to the Ethernet cable. Because of this intelligent detection, only an 802.3af compliant device can be powered with the POE-48iD. Because of its 48 V inserter, the installer doesn't need to worry about voltage drops due to cable length. Typically in 100 MB networks, the maximum allowable CAT5 cable run is about 100 meters. This is not a limitation of the POE equipment, but rather a limitation of the Ethernet standards. The POE-48iD is not a proprietary unit. It will function with any equipment which is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3af POE standards. Note: The equipment being powered must be fully 802.3af compliant in order for the power supply to be able to sense the devices signature and apply power. Power is supplied on Ethernet pins 4/5 (V+) and 7/8 (GND).
Weight5.2 oz
Output Voltage48 VDC @ 0.35A
Efficiency70% Min
Dimensions3.25" x 3" x 1.5"
Output Ripple1% Max
Input Voltage90-264 VAC @ 47-63 Hz
Input Current0.3A @ 120 VAC | 0.2A @ 230 VAC
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