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10"-50" Monopole 3-Sector V-Stabilizer

Suggested Retail: $1,720.00
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V-Stabilizer for a Monopole
V-Stabilizer As carriers deploy 4G/LTE/AWS technology, the structural support requirements cannot be met by the traditional GSM/PCS type frames. The V-Stabilizer is an innovative, cost effective, simple and robust solution to this problem.

  • Independent tower attachment points provide up to 50% more load and EPA capacity than an existing mou
  • Adjustable V-channel supports make it capable of matching most exsisting azumiths and typical stand-off distances regardless of the existing antenna mount manufacturer
  • Attaches to existing antenna pipe with separately purchased cross-over attachments and 2-3/8 in outer diameter (OD) horizontal supports when needed

  • Dimensions
    Face Width14.5 Ft | 4.4 m
    Mounting Diameter, maximum30.0 In | 762.0 mm
    Pipe Outer Diameter3.5 In | 88.9 mm
    Height126.0 In | 3200.4 mm
    Length96.0 In | 2438.4 mm
    Mounting Circumference, maximum60.0 In | 1524.0 mm
    Mounting Circumference, minimum10.0 In | 254.0 mm
    Weight421.1 Lb | 191.0 kg
    General Specifications
    Product TypeCo-location platform
    Pipe, quantity0
    Material TypeHot dip galvanized steel
    Mounting ODMonopole, 30-60 In | 762-1524 mm
    Sectors, quantity3
    Stand-off Distance36.0 In | 914.4 mm
    MTSMC-K12M-9-96 12"-50"OD M'pole 3x12.5' Face T-Frame Kit (9)2-3/8"x 8'Pipes
    Suggested Retail: $2934.40
    MTSMT-651-150 12'-6" x 2-3/8" OD Galvanized Steel Plain End Pipe
    Suggested Retail: $68.80
    MTSXP-2020 2-3/8" to 2-3/8" OD Pipe U-Bolt Style Crossover Plate
    Suggested Retail: $28.80
    MTSMT-195-12 Upper Support Rail Kit for 12.5' Face Co-locat'n Platform
    Suggested Retail: $566.40

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