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Product image of MTS Wireless MTC3326DHD

MTS Wireless


Heavy Duty Dual Mounting Bracket

Suggested Retail: $224.00
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Mounting Bracket
General Specifications
Product TypeMounting Bracket
Product Includes
MTC332625HD Swing Arm RRU Mount 2 qty
MTC332626Dual RRU Mount Weldment 2 qty
MTC332629Back Clamp Dual RRU Mount 2 qty
MTC978703M-10 X 30mm Hex Bolt, SS 8 qty
SWF-033/8" SS FLAT WASHER 8 qty
SWL-033/8" SS LOCK WASHER 8 qty
GD038003/8" X 8" GALV THREADED ROD 8 qty
GWL-033/8" GALV LOCK WASHER 16 qty
GN-033/8" GALV HEX NUT 24 qty
GB-035053/8" X 5" GALV BOLT KIT 4 qty
MTSMT-651-96 8'-0" x 2-3/8" OD Galvanized Steel Plain End Pipe
Suggested Retail: $47.20
MTSPM-RU3 Mount for Up to (3) RRU's to Straight Tower Legs
Suggested Retail: $221.28
MTSPM-RU3T Mount for Up to 3 RRU's to Straight or Tapered Tower Legs
Suggested Retail: $268.96

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