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1" Black Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink,3:1 Ratio, per Ft
Item #MMMEPS-300-1
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3M™ Heat Shrink Tubing EPS-300 Adhesive-Lined, 3:1, Flexible, Polyolefin

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3M™ Heat Shrink Tubing EPS-300 is a 3:1 thin-wall, flexible tubing offering the advantages of integral, adhesive-lined construction. The tubing is made from flame retardant, flexible polyolefin with an internal layer of special thermoplastic adhesive. The heat-shrinkable outer wall is selectively cross-linked, while maintaining the high flow and excellent adhesion of the inner sealant liner.

When heated in excess of 121°C (250°F), EPS-300 tubing rapidly shrinks to a skintight fit, forcing the melted adhesive lining to flow and cover the substrate. The adhesive forms a flexible bond with a wide variety of rubbers, plastics and metals. Upon cooling, the adhesive solidifies, forming a permanent, non-drying, flexible and water resistant barrier. Adhesive reflow will occur at temperatures above 80°C (176°F).

Longitudinal Change+1, -15%
Specific Gravity1.3
Volume Resistivity1014 ohm/cm
Water Absorption0.30%
Ultimate Elongation450%
Secant Modulus (2%)17,000 PSI
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength2100 PSI
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength700 V/mil
Chemical Properties
Corrosion ResistanceNon-Corrosive
Fungus ResistanceNon-Nutrient
Heat Aging (Outer Wall)Elongation 175 % | 168 Hours @ 175°C
Heat Shock (Outer Wall)No Dripping, Flowing, Cracking | 4 Hours @ 225°C
Low Temperature Flexibility (Outer Wall)No Cracking | 4 Hours @ -55°C
Fluid ResistanceExcellent