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LTE/CELL/PCS/Wi-Fi&GPS Surface Mnt Antenna,Blk,SMA/RP-SMA/SMA
Item #MMKSMW-305-3C3J2C-BLK-180
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SMW-305 multiband, 3-cable Cellular/LTE 700 MHz, WiFi & GPS
The SMW-305 Series Antennas features 3-elements in one antenna radome. The unique feature of this model is that the cellular element (Cable 1) is extremely widebanded and can cover: LTE at 700 MHz as well as the established 850/1900 GSM/CDMA bands, 1.7/2.1 AWS bands and WiMAX 2.5 all on a single board.

Frequency & Gain (peak)
Cable 1694-894 MHz, 2 dBi
1700-2700 MHz, 5 dBi
Cable 215.0 Ft, RF-195 with Reverse Polarity SMA
Cable 315.0 Ft, RG-174 with SMA
Data Modem
VSWR2:1 max over range
Nominal Inpedance50Ω
Power10 Watts
Noise Figure2.0 dB max, 1.7 dB typical
Amplifier Bias2.7 to 5 VDC
Amplifier Current20 mA, 10 mA typical
Cable Information
Cable 115.0 Ft, RF-195 with SMA