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902-928 MHz, 3dBi, Tape Mount Dual Polarity
Item #MMKDLT3-915-1C-WHT-6
Mobile Mark
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Patch Dual-Polarity 3 dBi, RFID & ISM, Tape Mount
Mobile Marks dual polarity antennas can be very useful for many specialized applications, where traditional patch antennas could be prohibitive. These antennas can be very useful for forklift, shelving projects, conveyor applications and other near to mid-field uses. They are also particularly useful where the corresponding tags are in a fixed position with little variation. As such, the antenna can be placed to maximize read rates.

The DL Series antennas are available in both US UHF RFID and European RFID versions. Advanced circuit board based technology provides an optimal radiation pattern and efficiency on the proper bands. These dual polarity antennas provide a more compact design, fitting into locations where traditional antennas might not. Yet dual polarity also maintains a higher level of read probability, superior to linear polarized applications.

The DLT3 antennas are provided with double sided tape for extremely simple and stable mounting applications. The wall mount also provides a hose clamp, usable for mounting to a pole or any vertical truss up to 2 inches (50 mm). Swivel Mounted horizontal to a wall, the antenna would stand out approximately 3 inches (76 mm). The antennas terminate with 6 inches of RG-58 cable (152 mm) and SMA plug connector. Other configurations are available upon request.

The Dual Polarity Series has a DC shorted front end and is compatible with antenna sensing circuits found in the current generation of RFID readers. If your reader has a feature that requires a 10K ohm resistor, the dual polarity antenna can be special ordered with this feature.

DLT3 & DLM3-915902 - 928 MHz
Gain3 dBi - Dual Polarity
VSWR2:1 max over band
Impedance50Ω, nominal
Maximum Power10 Watts
Beamwidth60° effective El & Az
Front-to-Back ratio10 dB typical
Lightning ProtectionExternal recommended
Antenna RadomeWhite ASA
Operating Temperature-40°C to 85°C
Weight1.1 lbs | 0.5 kg
MountingFlush tape mount
Radome Size4.5" D x 1.0" | 114 mm x 25 mm
Termination6 inches | 152 mm
White RG-58
ConnectorSMA Plug (Male)
Sense DetectionDC Shorted
(Reader dependent)
Shock and VibrationIEC 60068, EN 300 019-2-4