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DC-4000 MHz Termination 50 Watts, N-Male

Item #MLBTB-70MN
Suggested Retail: $253.33
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Coaxial Loads, TB wireless Medium & High Power Terminations 10 - 250W, DC - 5.5 GHz, 50Ω
Microlab TB series terminations are medium power coaxial loads, which operate from DC to up to 5.5 GHz. Higher powers have cooling fins help to minimize temperature rise of the resistive film terminating element, contained within a carefully matched coaxial housing. Units are for indoor applications except TB-10MNP and TB-10MDP which are outdoor.

Standard connectors are N and 7-16 mm DIN, male or female. Call for higher powers, VSWR requirements, different connectors or other special specifications. (01/13)

  • Resistive Film Loads
  • Finned Termination
  • Powers 10W to 250W
  • VSWR to 1.15:1
  • High Peak Power
  • RoHS compliant
  • Indoor and Outdoor models
  • Designed for wireless applications

  • ConnectorN-type
    Connector GenderMale
    BandDC-4.0 GHz
    Max.Power50 Watts Avg
    10 kW Peark
    Operating Temperature-10°C to +50°C
    Max.VSWR at 1.15:1 (2 GHz) | 1.25:1 (max GHz)
    Weight²,N21.3 oz | 595.0 g
    TELTWL-50-NM 50 Watt Coaxial RF Termination Quick Change N-Male Conn
    Suggested Retail: $243.09
    MCALPTC50-NM 50 Watt Low PIM N-Male Termination Load, .38-2.7GHz
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    MCALPT50-NM 698-2700 MHz 50 Watt Low PIM N-Male Termination Load
    Suggested Retail: $1129.93
    R/FRFLOAD-NM50 0-3.0 GHz 50W N-Male Square Termination Load, PIM=<110dB
    Suggested Retail: $198.21
    BIR50-T-MN 50Watt 50 Ohm Termination Load DC 4.0 GHz, N-Male CONN
    Suggested Retail: $153.00
    MCA480-1 50W, 5kW Peak RF Termination DC-6 GHz, N-Male Conn
    Suggested Retail: $133.33

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