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.700-2.7 GHz, 3-Way Reactive Power Divider, N-Female Conn
Item #MLBD3-85FN
Suggested Retail: $131.67
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Power Splitter, DX-85FN Series. 3 Way Block and Tube Style, Reactive Dividers Super Wideband. Minimal RF Insertion Loss, High Reliability, IP67 and RoHS Compliant.

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Microlab Model Dx-85FN series of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 way Power Splitters has been designed to evenly split high power cellular signals with minimal reflections or loss. All joints are moisture sealed to meet the IP67 rating. The design allows simple attachment to wall using the supplied bracket and clip.
The wide frequency range allows use with multiband antennas and leaky cable systems. With few solder joints and an air dielectric, the loss has been minimized and reliability enhanced. Units also available with 7-16 mm DIN connectors.

RF ConnectorsN-Type Female
Frequency698-2700 MHz
Split Loss4.8 dB
Insertion Loss<0.05 dB
Input VSWR1.15:1
Average Power500 W
Typical Amplitude Balance0.25 dB
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