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.700-2.7 GHz, 4x4 Matrix Combiner, Din Female Conn

Item #MLBCM-88D
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Isolated Combiners, CM-x8D Series. 4 x 4 Hybrid Coupler Matrix, Combiner & Splitter Wireless Bands from 350 to 2700 MHz. Connects 4 Inputs to 4 Outputs, Low Specified PIM, Indoor/Outdoor Applications, RoHS Compliant.
The 4x4 Hybrid is a matrix of four 3 dB Hybrid Couplers arranged so that signals applied to any of the four inputs will be split equally between the four outputs. This allows simple combining of multiple signals in the same wireless band to a common feeder cable, as might be required in a neutral host in-building distributed antenna system, or the decoupled combining of 4 transmitter or receiver signals equally to 4 antennas. Unused ports must be terminated externally in 50U, with an appropriate PIM performance. Note that the phase relationship of the outputs in these models is not consistent.
Coupling6.2-6.4 dB
RF Connectors7-16 DIN Female
Frequency800-2700 MHz
Maximum Power3000 W
PIM-155 dBc
Input Isolation Typical23 dB

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