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806-900 MHz 6.5 dBd V-Pol Omni Directional Antenna

Item #MISBCD-8007-NE
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Omni-Directional Antennas BCD-800 Series

The BCD (Broadband Coaxial Dipole) is a robust omni-directional antenna operating within the 806-900 MHz and 806-941 MHz frequency range. The omni is ideal for rural coverage or low capacity applications. BCD antennas are available with fixed electrical downtilt and null fill.

Design and Construction of the BCD :
BCD antennas are manufactured with our exclusive 3T Technology, featuring a 1 four-channel extrusion that runs the entire length of the antenna for unmatched strength and rigidity; a durable brass feedline design that eliminates conventional solder joints in the signal path; a non-collinear system with access to every radiating element for superioir performance; and air as insulation for virtually no internal signal loss.

Mechanical Specifications
LengthOverall 85.9 In | 2183.0 mm
Radome 66.2 In | 1683.0 mm
Diameter&0slash;2.6 In | &0slash;65.0 mm
Weight20.0 Lbs | 9.0 kg
Wind Area1.6 Ft² | 0.14 m²
Rated Wind Velocity (Safety factor 2.0)>256.0 mph | 412.0 kg/hr
Wind Load @ 100 mph (161 km ⁄ hr)47.0 Lbs | 211 N
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range806-900 MHz
1 port/bottom
Gain6.5 dBd
Power Rating500 W
Half Power AngleH-Plane 360°
E-Plane 14°
Electrical Downtilt1.25°
Null Fill15%
Lightning ProtectionDirect Ground
MIS36312000 Standard Mounting Bracket Kit for BCD Series
Suggested Retail: $79.50