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AlphaCell 4.OHP 12v 114ah C/20 top terminal AGM

Item #MIS181-0078
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AlphaCell 4.0 HP Pure Lead Top Terminal Battery
AlphaCell HP Pure lead AGM batteries provide high power density and extended reliability for broadband applications. AlphaCell batteries enable using fewer strings in power systems compared to standard batteries while maintaining network runtime and reliability. For power supply loads that are less than 8 amps, 4 hours runtime can be achieved using a single string of AlphaCell 4.0 HP batteries, compared to using two strings of competitive products. Additionally, AlphaCell HP batteries provide up to 50% more runtime in colder climates compared to standard batteries.

  • Class leading batteries featuring pure lead technology providing up to 20% increased life expectancy
  • 3 to 5 times longer shelf life versus standard VRLA batteries
  • Up to 50% increased runtime in cold climates
  • Non-spillable UN2800 rating for ease of transportation
  • Higher runtime allows string count reduction
  • 5-year full, hassle-free warranty

  • Nominal Specifications
    Serive LifeExtended
    Battery TypePure lead AGM
    Heat ResistantExtreme
    Hydrogen EmissionLow
    Capacity at 20hrs (to 1.75VPC)114 Ah
    Typical runtime (minutes)240 (See Spec Sheet
    BCI Group Size31
    TerminalsThreaded insert 1/4 - 20 UNC"
    Cells Per Unit6
    Voltage per Unit 12.8
    Conductance Value2100
    Impedance @ 60Hz 2.2 Ohms
    Max. Discharge Current900 Amps
    Short Circuit Current3200 Amps
    10 second volts @ 10011.8 Amps
    Mechanical Specifications
    Height with Terminals8.5" H x 13.4"W x 6.8"D | 223.5H x 337.8W x 172.7Dmm
    Weight74.0 Lbs | 35.6 kg
    Environmental Specifications
    Discharge-40 to 60C| -40 to 140F
    Charge with Temperature Compensation-40 to 60C|-9.4 to 140°F
    Float Charging Voltage13.5 to 13.8 Vdc
    AC Ripple Charger0.5% RMS or 1.5% of float charge voltage recommended for best results. Max. allowed = 4%V pk to pk
    Discharge Ratings
    AlphaCell HP Current Discharge REnd Voltage 1.75 VPC @ 25°C | 77°F (See Spec Sheet)
    AlphaCell HP Amp Hour RatingsEnd Voltage 1.75 VPC @ 25C/77 (See Spec Sheet)