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Product image of MECA H4D-1.500VWWP



.800-2.2 GHz 100 Watt, 4-Way Power Divider, 7/16 DIN Female

Item #MCAH4D-1.500VWWP
Suggested Retail: $400.00
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H4D-1.500VWWP, 7/16 DIN, 0.8-2.2 GHz
VSWRInput: 1.40:1 TYP/1.50:1 Max, Output: 1.20:1 TYP/1.30:1 Max
Weight2.8 Lbs (Aprox)
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range0.800-1.000
Insertion Loss1.0 TYP / 1.2 Max dB
Mechanical Specifications
Connectors7/16 Jack, Brass, Albaloy
Isolation27 TYP / 22 Min
Amplitude Balance0.2 dB Max
Phase Balance2 Degrees Max
HousingAluminum, RoHS Compliant Iridite4
RF Power25 Watts per Port Input, 100 Watts Total
Impedance (Nominal)50 Ohms
Connector PinsBeryllium Copper, Silver Plate
InsulatorsPTFE, Virgin Electrical Grade
Derating100% AT Case Temperature of +80° C Derated to 0 /at +150° C
Electrical Specifications 2
Frequency Range1.700-2.000
VSWRInput: 1.20:1 TYP/1.30:1 Max, Output 1.10:1 TYP/1.20:1 Max
Insertion Loss0.8 TYP / 1.0 Max
Amplitude Balance0.2 dB Max
Isolation27 TYP / 22 Min dB
Electrical Specifications 3
Frequency Range0.800-2.200
Amplitude Balance0.3 dB Max
Phase Balance4 Degrees Max
Isolation22 TYP / 18 Min dB
Case Operating Temp-55° C To +85° C