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Lynconite II Backfill 50 lb Bag

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Lynconite II The Ideal Backfill Material
Lynconite II is a proprietary grounding backfill material created by Lyncole XIT Groundingthe inventor of the world class XIT Grounding System. Lynconite II has all the qualities of an ideal backfill material for a grounding system. It is easily installed, provides an excellent electrical bond between the grounding electrode and earth, is non-corrosive, and is very electrically conductive. Unlike competitors who use carbonenhanced backfill materials, Lynconite II employs a natural claybased material formed by volcanic ash that is specially processed and enhanced by Lyncole to increase its electrical conductivity properties.

Lynconite II is the only product on the market that not only enhances grounding system performance and longevity but also protects the buried components from corrosion which allows Lyncoles XIT Grounding System to be warranted for 30 year and have a life expectancy of 50 years.

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Ship Weight (lbs.)50