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NMO-B Mount, 17' DS Coax, FME Installed
Pulse / Larsen
Suggested Retail: $33.00
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Larson Cable Assemblies/Mounts - NMO 3/4 Standard Mounts
All Larsen NMOHF (high frequency 27 MHz to 6 GHz) mounts convert from low frequency applications to high frequency applications and back by pulling or replacing the center pin and insulator.

NMOHF mounts require a 3/4 hole for mounting and include 17 of coax.

NMOHF mounts accommodate roof surfaces from 0.1 to .03. NMOHFTHK (thick) mounts accommodates roof surfaces up to 1/2 thick.

ConnectorLarson Cable Assemblies/Mounts - NMO 3/4 Standard Mounts
CoaxDS (RG-58A/U Dual Shield)