Product image of Kaelus IAK-0200A-02 Standard Accessory Kit, Includes:

Kaelus | IAK-0200A-02 Standard Accessory Kit, Includes:

Item #KLSIAK-0200A-02
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Single unit Hard Case Kit w/ Adaptors and Calibration Kit, USB Cables and Charger
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The iVA Series Cable & Antenna Analyzer is an exciting new product from Kaelus that enables users to accurately measure VSWR/return loss and the location of the VSWR/return loss faults in their RF infrastructure. The wireless connectivity allows unprecedented measurement flexibility and opens up new & important possibilities in sweep testing and multi-port testing.

The iVA is a rugged battery operated module that can be remotely controlled with any Bluetooth enabled tablet, smart phone, laptop computer or any of our iPA Series Portable Passive Intermodulation analyzers.

  • Reinventing site certification sweep testing, dramatically reducing test time on site
  • Directly Measure insertion loss and isolation when using multiple iVA's. Measure calculated insertion loss with a single iVA and an RF short
  • Accurately measure swept VSWR/return loss and Distance-to-Fault in RF path
  • Simple and robust Bluetooth connection to a Tablet PC or connect with USB or Bluetooth to a laptop computer
  • Connect directly to the device under test; eliminates the need for a phase stable cable in most cases
  • With the Kaelus iPA controlling the iVA, your RL data can be combined with your PIM data into a single report. Reports are combined and completed on-site with no post-processsing required
  • Uses the Kaelus customer-proven iPA reporting workflow & tagging features to facilitate a faster, simpler and more efficient workflow
  • Simple to operate, highly intuitive software user interface with the unique ability to generate and complete the test report onsite
  • Geotag each test point, insert a Google Maps® snapshot directly into the report
  • Handy Spectrum Monitor mode for interference checking
General Specifications
Product TypeCalibration Kit
IncludesSingle Unit Hard Case
AdaptorOLS N Female
N-F to DIN-F
N-F to N-F
Sold SeparatelyiPA and RTF
Weight1.5 lbs