Product image of Kaelus IAK-0060A Premium Accessory Kit, Includes:

Kaelus | IAK-0060A Premium Accessory Kit, Includes:

Item #KLSIAK-0060A

The iAK is a Passive Intermodulation (PIM) premium test accessorykit that includes all of the necessary components required tovalidate test equipment operation and perform PIM testing onsystems with 7-16 DIN and Type-N connectors.

Reach maximum efficiency and safety in your test environmentthrough the use of the Kaelus *iPA Portable PIM Test Analyser andRange to Fault (RTF) Technology. The iAK Accessory kit completesyour Kaelus PIM testing solution in any test environment from topof tower, base of tower, rooftop and in-building systems.

The customized storage and carrying case is rugged enough forcomplete protection of the iPA and components when transporting or onsite testing.

Suggested Retail: $3406.25
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iPA Premium Accessory Kit
Kit Contents
R92-0445iPA transit and accessory case
CIS-0001APIM source
PIL-0005ALow PIM load
R18-04483m test cable, Dm-Dm
R29-1518Adjustable wrench
R29-1851Torque wrench, 32mm, 25Nm
R92-0287Battery iPA
R92-0443Dual battery charging cradle
R92-0459Connector cleaning kit
R92-0460Adaptor kit
Weight10 lbs