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#6 AWG THHN Green Jacket Stranded Ground Wire
Item #INFMT-586-G
Republic Wire
Suggested Retail: $1.28
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THHN Copper Conductor

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Type THHN-THWN-2 building wire is intended for general purpose applications and may be installed in conduit, duct, or other recognized raceways in wet (60°C oil/90°C water) or dry (105°C) locations. For both new work and rewiring applications, the smaller diameter of wire permits additional circuits or larger conductors to be installed in the conduit without exceeding maximum fill limitations. The insulation is a high quality, heat and moisture resistant polyvinyl chloride compound over which a heat and light stabilized nylon jacket is tightly applied.

Sunlight Resistance, Gasoline and oil resistant II, VW-1 THWN-2 or THHN or MTW (all sizes & colors), CT USE (1/0 and larger), C (UL)-Type /T90 or TWN 75, Lead Free-ROHS Compliant, 600V

Size6 AWG
Approximate Weight98.0 Lbs per 1000 Ft.
Jacket ColorGreen
Number of Strands19
Insulation Thickness
PVC30 Mils
Nylon5 Mils
75°C0.27 Inch
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