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2" x 8' Eye & Eye 2-Ply Web Sling, Eyes = 2" x 9"

Item #INFEE292X8P
Suggested Retail: $18.93
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Eye & Eye, EE-Type III
Eye & Eye "EE" Web slings are made with a loop, or eye, on each end of the body. Eyes vary depending on the application but may be ordered as follows:
Type III
"EE" Web sling made with a flat loop eye on each end with loop eye opening on same plane as the sling body. This type of sling is sometimes called: flat eye & eye; eye & eye or double eye sling. Versatile and flexible, this sling can be used in all three hitches (vertical, basket and choker)
Length9 Inches
Material Specifications
Sling TypeEE-Type III
Number of Plies9800 Lbs
Sling Width2 Inches
Sling Length8 Feet
MaterialPolyester Pro-Edge®
Sling Capacity
Vertical3,200 Lbs
Chocker2,560 Lbs
Vertical Basket6,400 Lbs
Eye Dimensions
Width2 Inches
Aproximate Sling Weight1.38 Lbs
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