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6' TieBack Y-Lanyard 3.6M Gate w/ Abrasion Resistant Cover
Item #INF8241Y
Suggested Retail: $98.00
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Y-leg for 100% Tie-off: with 1 Snap Hook and 2 x 5,000 lbs Gate Carabiners for Tie-back
  • Heavy-duty leg construction of 1" internal webbing with outer tubular jacket designed specifically for the tie-back of integral carabiners.
  • Twist-lock captive-eye carabiners with 5,000 lbs gate strength for tie-back onto leg without the use of D-rings
  • Tear-away absorber design limits fall forces to 900 lbs or less
  • Forged steel snap hooks with 3,600 lbs gate strength
  • Exclusive ViewPack™ design combines integral protections of labels and view-window for inspection of internal energy absorber
  • ANSIZ359-1-2007, Z359.12-2009, Z359.13-2009
    OSHA1910.66 App. C / 1926, Subpart M
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