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2/0 TelcoFlex Gray L4 Class I, Cloth Braid

Item #INF408012805
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CENTRAL OFFICE/TELECOM POWER CABLE - 600 Volts, Copper Conductor Class l Flexible Strand With Braid CSA approved, Non-Halogen Insulation 8 AWG -750 KCMIL -Single Conductor
TelcoFlex®IV cable is single conductor with a class l(modified) bunched (8 and 6 AWG) and rope-bunched (4 AWG and larger) stranded tinned copper conforming to ASTM B-33 and Underwriters' laboratories requirements. An opaque mylar tape shall be applied over the conductor to facilitate stripping. Insulation is 90°C rated limited smoke, non-halogen, TelcoHyde™ 5221 conforming to Underwriters' Laboratories standard 44 and Telcordia Specification GR-347-CORE, also UL and CSA 105° AWM rated. The insulation has a limiting oxygen index of 35%.

TelcoFlex® lV Central Office Power Wire and Cable Class I Flexible Strand With Braid. The Cable has low-smoke, lead-free and silicone-free non-halogenated insulation. UL Central Office Power Cable 105°C dry, 60°C wet. UL Listed RHH/LS FT4 and VW-1, 90°C dry, 60C wet. 600 volts. Sizes 1/0 and larger are UL, CT USE rated. CSA AWM I B 105°C, 600 Volts, FT4-ST1.

Size2/0 AWG
Approximate Weight557.0 Lbs per 1000 Ft.
Conductor Diameter0.445 Inch
Nominal Overall Diameter0.648 Inch
Insulation Min.80 Mils - Average Wall
Nominal Insulation Diameter0.620 Inch
Max D.C. Res @ 20°C0.0868 Ω per 1000 Ft.
BRNYA26-LBOX 2/0 Lug One 3/8 Hole w/Window Standard Barrel
Suggested Retail: $5.71
BRNYAZV262TC14FX 2/0 Lug, Two 1/4" Holes, 5/8" OC, Long Barrel, Windowed
Suggested Retail: $10.83
BRNYAZV262TC38FX 2/0 Lug, Two 3/8" Holes, 1" OC, Long Barrel, Windowed
Suggested Retail: $12.87
INFHS3-0750-BK-4 4 Ft Black 3/4" Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink, 3:1 Ratio
Suggested Retail: $9.44

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